Secure, Clean Short Term Storage Services

Whether you’re unable to accept deliveries at your location or need temporary warehousing before, during or after a move, Unicorn Packers & Movers can help you with short term storage services. At our clean, secure facility, we’ll keep your personal belongings safely stored in a well-maintained environment. Additionally, we can further simplify transportation with our door-to-door delivery services, offering pick-ups and drop-offs.

Short Term Storage Services – Warehousing Options

We can provide both short term storage and long terms solutions. There are several reasons why people turn to temporary warehousing, such as:

Residential DE clutter

Sometimes, there’s just too many things in your house, and it’s all too overwhelming! In such instances, temporary storage can rectify this issue, freeing up precious space. Selling your home and need to do a showing? Show potential buyers how roomy your house is by getting rid of the clutter.

Home Remodeling

During renovations, you may want to move your belongings to a safer location to keep them protected or to just have more space. Whether its furniture, décor, paintings, carpets or any other items, our fully secured building will keep your belongings safe until you need them.

In-Transit Storage

Before, during or after a move, there may be times where you simply can’t store items where you are located. That’s when you need a secure storage solution that can temporarily hold on to items until they can be picked up or delivered to your new home.
Get the Storage you need, when you need it!
At Unicorn Packers & Movers, we’re your best choice when it comes to short term storage services. We also provide long-term options should you need your household belongings kept safely stored for a longer amount of time. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you.