Unicorn Packers & Movers among Top Local Moving Companies

For many people, moving can be stressful — even if you’re just moving a few kilometers. The good news is that with the right preparation and help from some local movers, you can alleviate the typical stress and enjoy a smooth moving process.

Unicorn Packers & Movers, among top local moving companies, is here to provide all of those comforts for you.

Because we understand that knowing what to expect will help you better prepare for your upcoming relocation, we are committed to providing you with an abundance of information, personalized attention and exceptional support.

In many cities across the country, Unicorn has teams who are committed to working with you and listening to your needs so we can develop the best plan of action for your residential relocation.

Among the Best Local Moving Companies with a Plan

Unicorn Packers & Movers begins every residential move with a customized move plan. We arrange moving services to best suit your needs. Our representative will come to your residence and survey everything you plan to move, and point out things along the way that cannot be moved or that will require special attention. Once your survey is complete, our representative will provide you with a timely price quote, various pricing options, and a thorough moving plan in which expectations, timing, and costs clearly defined.

We Are Local Movers with Comprehensive Services

Our local moving services encompass all of the necessary options for a smooth and successful move. We provide partial & full-service packing options, as well as custom crating for high-value items. If you choose to self-pack, we also can provide you with quality materials and packing guides to make the job easier. Our other services include unpacking, debris removal, storage options, and special services such as assembly/disassembly and disconnect/reconnect for appliances, beds, pool tables, etc.

Preparing for Your Local Move

Even moving from one side of area to another requires preparation. Here are a few quick tips from our team members who are among the best local moving teams that can help make your move as smooth as possible:

  • Take Inventory of Your “Stuff.” The fewer items you own, the fewer you have to move. If you’ve been thinking about DE cluttering anyway, you might as well do it now, before you move all of your possessions to a new place. Go through one room at a time and figure out what’s worth keeping/moving, what’s worth selling or donating, and what should be thrown away.
  • Pack – or Let Us Do it for you. Our team will be glad to pack up your items and custom-carton specialty goods for you, saving you one of the biggest hassles of a move. If you’d prefer to do it yourself, we’ll also be glad to provide you with supplies and guides.
  • Prepare for Moving Day Make it easy for your movers to get to your goods by clearing out anything that may block traffic in walkways or entryways, or on porches, etc. Remove rugs that could make someone trip or slip. Have drinks on hand, especially if it’s a hot day, both for you and your movers.

Trust in Unicorn Team

Our local moving services are competitively priced and designed to make your local move stress-free.

Let Unicorn Packers & Movers carry the weight of your move, so you can focus on starting your new life in a new location.

Contact Unicorn Packers & Movers today to start planning your upcoming local move.

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