International Moving Services

As an experienced international moving company, we know that the most important aspect of moving overseas is planning. Transporting your life to a foreign country is complex and demanding, and it requires thorough organization and preparation. Unicorn has over 18 years of experience in relocating individuals, families, and businesses all over the world with care. If you are planning an international move, look below for an overview of the process as well as some tips.

International Moving Preparation

First things first. Before contacting a representative and scheduling a survey, you will need to determine which items you can and cannot take with you. This varies from country to country.

Schedule a Consultation and Survey

Once you have determined which items you will move, contact us to schedule a consultation and survey with one of our experienced international moving representative. Our representative will visit your home to explain the different services available, answer any questions you have about moving internationally, perform a survey of everything to be moved and provide you with an estimate.


Documentation is a critical part of the international relocation process. Delaying timely completion of the required paperwork may delay your shipment. Our representative will guide you through the process of identifying and completing the appropriate paperwork for your home and host countries.

International Moving: Packing and Loading

  • Unicorn’s packing labels will help you organize your items to be moved. Set aside items that will go into storage, need to be packed last or will remain in your home.
  • Pack and set aside all personal items that will be traveling with you, such as your passport, other important paperwork, jewelry and money.
  • Unicorn’s packers use specific international packing methods and materials to protect your possessions during every phase of the move.
  • Be present when your items are packed and/or loaded.
  • Check off on inventory of items to be moved.
  • Unicorn “live loads” your items directly into a shipping container at your residence whenever possible.
  • Perform a final walk through of your home with the packing supervisor to make sure everything you want to move has been packed. Double check closets, drawers, cupboards, attic and your garage.

International Moving: Customs Clearance

We provide you options of door to port and door to door delivery services.

You must be in the host country when your shipment arrives. Our representative will guide you through the customs clearance process.

International Move: Delivering and Unpacking

Once your shipment has cleared and released from customs, our international agent local representative will contact you when your shipment arrives at their facility to schedule the delivery of your items. Your shipment will be delivered in a matter of days.

Unicorn is the Unsurpassed International Mover

For over 18 years we have been the company of choice for relocating people all over the world. With Unicorn as your trusted partner throughout your move overseas, you can rest assure that your relocation will be seamless and successful.

Contact Unicorn today to learn more about process for your next international move.

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